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Introduction About Activities

Introduction About Activities

Myanma Shipyards - AMECC Joint Venture Company Limited has a long standing business profile and which will be managed by 7 executives representing Administration, Engineering & Planning, Marketing & Commercial, Ship Construction, Ship Repair and Finance. These executives bring to the company a large degree of experience in the Marine industry. They perceive an opportunity to acquire a significant amount of market share by focusing on the specific needs of the marine industry and by providing greater Quality controls to their products than other competitors. The company will be organized as a closely-held corporation with a majority of the shares held by the Two principle.

Myanma Shipyards - AMECC Joint Venture Company Limited will Construct and Repair for various types of commercial vessel as customer needs. Primary focus will be placed on product engineering and production floor processes to ensure the highest quality, a high level of product features, and the most efficient manufacturing process possible. Myanma Shipyards - AMECC Joint Venture Company Limited will undertake marine products called Merchant Vessels. The all Widget products will be produced according to the compliance of International Marine Class Requirement as well as of Inland Water Way Requirement. Management also decided to enter the offshore sector in order to develop the skill level of work force as well as for the value added
industries for the country.

Management laid down the CSR Policy with comprehensive goal for the community and environment. Management also have a commitment to protect and create the safe working environment with stringent HSE Policy. The critical analysis and rational insight into the state of the global shipbuilding market. The Korean, Chinese, Japanese, European and other emerging market share being discussed in the report as well. The report also encompasses growth drivers of the shipbuilding industry coupled with recent trends and challenges being faced by the industry. In the end, the report prudently provides business over view of major players along with their key financials and business strategies.

Management decided to diversify the business model with not only shipbuilding and repair but also the Steel Structure Manufacturing facilities to set up in order to penetrate the niche markets in Myanmar. So we have new partner AMECC Mechanical Construction JSC join onboard and we are now ready to produce large scale of steel structure like Bridge Plate Girder, Box Gider, Steel Structure for Thermal Power plant and Storage Facilities with modern equipments and machineries. We design to produce the Steel Structure in 12000 ton annually and hope we will support the Domestic Market need in Myanmar as well as to export neighboring countries.


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